About EEBA


The Eastern European Bar Association provides a network for attorneys, law students, and all other legal professionals of Eastern European heritage, as well as interested individuals, to connect through social and professional meetings and events, to discuss questions of interest and importance to the legal profession, and to address legal issues relevant to Eastern European communities in the United States.

We conduct regular networking events in the community, and also organize various pro bono efforts.

Mission Statement

  1. Establish a diverse community and network for professionals of Eastern European heritage.
  2. Provide a discussion forum for relevant political and economic discussion important to EEBar members.
  3. Encourage business development, mentoring, and career-building for EEBar members.
  4. Coordinate non-profit and pro bono efforts to improve our local communities.

EEBA Chapters

San Francisco Bay Area
Southern California
New York
Pacific Northwest (Seattle)
Washington, DC

For information about the Eastern European Bar Association, or if there is interest in your area to start an EEBA chapter, please contact info@eebar.org.

Please also join us on Facebook.